Daylily Catalog

Welcome to the Daylily Catalog

Made for daylily gardeners, this simple but feature-packed app will help you feel comfortable building a website to sell your daylilies.

Friendly websites with shortcuts for daylily gardeners.

Website builders assume you're a tech guru and expert designer. What if you just want a simple website to show off your beautiful garden and sell your daylilies online? Daylily Catalog will take care of all of the details and give you shortcuts so you can immediatly have a great looking website for your garden.

Features include

  1. Unlimited daylily listings
  2. Automatic photos and data for registered daylilies
  3. Photo uploads from your garden, with a smart-phone camera, or from your computer with drag and drop
  4. Multiple catalogs help organize your listings
  5. Garden information page with photo slideshow
  6. Import your list from any spreadsheet for a small fee. Email me for details.
  7. Export your list, with photo links and data, to a spreadsheet at any time
  8. Everything you need to start selling your daylilies online

What you get

Daylily listings

Start typing the name of a daylily and a list of registered daylilies will be shown for you to select from. If a registered daylily is selected, a photo and AHS data will automatically be added to your listing. Or, manually add a daylily name. You can add a description, price, notes, and up to 8 photos for each daylily listing.
See example daylily listings

Garden information

Share important information and updates with your customers. Name, email, location, logo, photos, and garden description are standard, but you can add anything you want! Tell your story, announce a special sale, link to your social media pages...
See example garden information


All of your daylily listings are displayed in a single list by default, but you can also make your own catalogs. Make a catalog of your favorites, this years new seedlings, new arrivals, or daylilies for a special sale.

Daily updates

Your public daylily catalog is updated once a day. Make changes to your listings, catalogs, or garden information at any time and your website will be updated in the morning. Your private daylily catalog is always up to date!

Questions? Need help?

Email me at [email protected] or send a text or give me a call at 513-970-1185 and I'll be happy to help. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Daylily Catalog relies on your support

A message from Makon
I really hope that this site wows you 😍 and saves you huge amounts of time. I've certainly poured a lot of time into it!
Without support from the community I could not keep building and advancing the site. Please join the amazing people who pay for Daylily Catalog.
Every contribution helps me spend more time working on the site.
Thank you! 🙏